Step by step instructions for installing the terminal:

    1. Copy and then "paste" the MT4 / MT5 setup program on the server from your computer to the server's desktop. Please note: you need to copy the installer (not the folder with the terminal or terminal.exe) to the desktop (not to a folder on the desktop).

    2. click on it with the right mouse button and select "Run as client (UAC)".

    3. If a window for entering the administrator password appears, click the "no" button in it.

    4. If you are installing a single terminal or terminals of different brokers - just follow the instructions on the screen. Typically, you don't need to change anything, just click the "Next" button.

    4.1.If you are installing a second copy of the same broker's terminal – 1) first save (rename) the existing shortcut on the desktop to launch an already installed terminal and 2) before starting the installation, click the "Settings" button and specify a new folder name so as not to overwrite the existing installation:
    For example, if the first terminal is installed in "C:\\Users\\Uxxxx\\AppData\\Rouming\\Metatrader - Alpari limited" then the second copy can be installed in "C:\\Users\\Uxxxx\\AppData\\Rouming\\Metatrader - Alpari limited 2", just add some number to the end of the default default path (we strongly recommend NOT to use Russian letters in directory names)

    Important: do not try to install the terminal in C:\\program files\\xxx, C:\\program 
    files (x86)\\xxx, C:\\ProgramData\\xxx and other system paths! The only place you 
    can install terminals is C:\\Users\\Uxxxx\\AppData\\Rouming\\terminal-name or C:\\Users\\Uxxxx\\Desktop\\terminal-name (instead of Uxxxx, it should be your username).  Attempting to install to other directories will fail with an "Access Denied!" error.

    5. After the first launch, Metatrader will create its own "Data Catalog" where you can install the necessary Expert Advisors, indicators, scripts and other add-ons for MT4 / MT5. (see installation instructions). You can switch the language of the installed terminal to Russian in the menu "View" -> "Language"

    6. Important: be sure to configure the autostart of the installed terminal.

    7. Alternative installation options by copying the terminal:

    1. 1. Install the required MT4 / MT5 terminal on your computer (!) in a separate folder, for example C:\\MT4
    2. Copy the folder (right click on the folder - "copy")
    3. "Paste" the folder on the server's desktop (!) (right click on an empty space on the server's desktop - "Paste").
    4. The copied terminal is ready to go. For convenience, you can create a shortcut for terminal.exe on the desktop, add it to autorun, etc.