In order to purchase the service, log in to your personal account using the link using your e-mail and the password that you entered during registration. Or use authorization through social networks.

    Next, in the menu on the left side, select "Services". On the right you can see the menu with all the services.
    Select the required service section.

    For example: You need to purchase a virtual server. Select "Virtual Servers" and click "ORDER"

    1. Select a service type. (Servers with NVMe drives, Servers with SSD drives, Servers with DDoS protection) This will sort by the option you choose.
    2. Select "Payment period" for the period - Month, Three months, Half a year, Year, Two years, Three years. When choosing a payment period of three months or more, a corresponding discount will be provided.

    3 months - 3%,
    6 months - 6%,
    12 months - 12%.
    24 months - 18%.
    36 months - 24%.

    3. Select the required server according to the parameters you need. Comparison of server parameters can be viewed at the link

    For example, you have chosen the service - "Servers with NVMe disks".
    Payment period - "Half a year"
    Tariff - "MEGA NVME"

    In the "Operating system" section, select the desired OS. (Please note: If you need Windows OS with English interface, please select it without RUS prefix).

    For Linux OS, if you need, in the "Preinstalled software" section, select the server control panel. For example "ISPmanager Lite". It will be installed automatically. Access data for authorization in the ISPmanager panel, use those that were sent to you by mail from the root user.

    In the section "Characteristics"

    In order for the ISP panel to be available, a license must be purchased. In the subsection "License for the control panel" you can choose a license for 2.5€/month. up to 10 domains. For 50 domains - 5€/month. and for an unlimited number of domains the license will cost 7.5€/month.

    If you need a VestaCP or HestiaCP panel (only available for Ubuntu and Debian), you can choose them as a free alternative.

    In the "RAM" "Disk space" and "Number of processors" subsections, select the required server configuration. You can change these parameters only within the framework of the tariff you have chosen. In the future, you will be able to increase these RAM, CPU and SSD NVMe parameters. You can also reduce them, except for the SSD NVMe disk space, it can only be changed upwards. Such manipulations can be carried out only through technical support.

    In the "Auto-renewal" subsection, you can disable or enable auto-renewal of your server.

    After reading the offer agreement, check the box "I have read and agree to the "Terms of Service""

    You can leave the domain name blank if you don't have one. By default, your server will be assigned a technical domain, which you can change yourself by editing this service here, or through VM Manager.

    Select the required number of services that you want to order at the same time (max. 50) and click "BUY"

    If there is a promotional code, enter it in the appropriate field, select the payer, if not, click next to "+Add" to create a new payer.

    In the "Payment method" subsection, select the required payment method:

    Stripe, PayPal, Bitcoin, Unionpay, Visa/MasterCard/MIR/Qiwi

    And click "PAY"

    Next, you will be redirected to the payment page of the aggregator you have chosen. Make a payment and wait for the service to be issued from a few seconds to 30 minutes, depending on the service you have chosen.